Raygava et al

Once upon a time, there was a band who released an album in 2009 with the help of a record label to distribute. With no interest in the band (due to its low budget and band’s inability to provide more money to the record label), the record label then mistakenly sent the single containing another person singing a different song from a different genre to various radios across the country. The band never received any important recognition, apart from very few radios who hold the ‘real’ album from their actual interviews. Until now, many radios still has the band’s single in their computer, with the voice of a woman singing a strange song. The physical CDs went into stores, but were never restocked despite them being sold-out in 2 nights. Unable to find the CDs, it took only weeks for people to forget about the band. So the story was told.

Please visit this link to know more about this band: https://myspace.com/raygavaetal